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Celebration Gold (0281)

Let's celebrate!
Enjoy delicious appetizers, beautifully set on a wooden board with this on trend golden cutlery. The spoons and forks are perfect for tapas, cocktails, appetizers and deserts. 

Material: 18/0
Gauge: 1.5 mm

Celebration Gold is available in a 10 piece set: 

  • 2x Medium teaspoon
  • 2x Mocca spoon
  • 2x Cake fork
  • 2x Butter spreader
  • 2x Spork 
No Item No Item
380 Medium teaspoon 470 Butter spreader
375 Mocca spoon 564 Spork
390 Cake fork    


Celebration Gold tapas set
Celebration Gold tapas set
Celebration packaging
Celebration packaging