Lou Laguiole: rustic & characteristic

A well set table can't go without good looking cutlery. The cutlery of the French Lou Laguiole gives your table setting a rustic look and feel. The cuterly is an abosolute must have because of the authentic design and characteristic colors.

The traditional knives, forks and spoons are made with a modern twist. The exclusive designs make your eating moment a moment of happines!


Lou Laguiole Cutlerly

Steak knives

Steak knives

Lou Laguiole cutlery

Are you looking for cutlery, steak knives or cheese knives with an edge? The Lou Laguiole cutlery gets you ready for a lovely dinner. The cutlery has French roots, which is reflected in the design: a combination of the traditional Navaja knife and the French Capunchadou, which was originally used by farmers and shepherds. These traditional details match perfectly with the modern design.


Cheese knives

Lou Laguiole Cheese knife set

Salade serving set

Lou Laguiole salade serving set