Cultivates excellence

  • Médard de Noblat capitalises on its traditionnal expertise and offers porcelain collections that are relevant to all aspects of contemporary lifestyle.
  • An inspired and experimented internal team of designers create innovative shapes and beautiful dinner services for home that highlight porcelain’s quality. Glamorised with bright shades and colours, the decoration is very rich and tells us a story that has been thought out without forgetting the least detail.
  • Each item is different and has to be discovered (drop on leaves, golden splash, butterfly hidden inside cups..).
  • Elegancy, femininety and freshness characterise the style of the brand.
  • Nothing has been left to be desired: daring colours and originality respecting a background of tradition with fineness and a fine quality that is irreproachable.
  • Quality is also part of Médard de Noblat culture that imposes high standards and commitment at every step of the development process.