cultivating excellence since 1836



Médard de Noblat capitalizes on its traditional expertise from Limoges and offers porcelain collections that are relevant to all aspects of modern lifestyles.

An inspired internal team of designers creates innovative shapes and beautiful dinner sets for home that highlight porcelain’s quality. Glamorous with bright shades and colours, the decoration is very rich and tells us a story that has been thought out to the very last detail.

Médard de Noblat works with department stores and 400 selected retailers in France and Europe, but is also active in the catering market with white pieces dedicated to 3/4/5 stars hotels and restaurants such as:

  • Michel Guérard, France
  • Lausanne Palace, Switzerland
  • Château d’Ouchy, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Le Bernardin, New York, USA
  • Park Hyatt, Shanghai, China
  • Armani Hotel, Dubai, UAE
  • The Sheraton Park Tower Hotel, London, United Kingdom
  • Dylan, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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