Made in Sheffield (1839)

1839 is the start of a new chapter for Richardson Sheffield. One which began at the heart of the steel industry and is proud to return home in the 21st century. Made in Sheffield by master craftsmen, each knife is hand finished to exacting quality standards. Read more


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Luxury knife ranges
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Other knife ranges

NEW: Fashion Blocks for a fashionable kitchen!

Richardson Sheffield launches a new Fashion Block Collection! A fun, sassy and truly unique collection that only the most fashionable kitchens will be wearing this season. The Fashion Block Collection offers the following trendy blocks: Coast:...

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Since 1839, we've been shaping the global knife market with our iconic and pioneering designs. From the creation of the first wooden knife block in the 1960's, to our revolutionary 'never needs sharpening' Laser technology in 1979, we continually strive to bring new and innovative products to market and into your home. Read more