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Flex 12 pc spatula set

Start baking with the Sabatier Trompette Flex Spatula set
Whether you want to spread the butter cream on your cake, ice your cupcakes or you want to flip your pancakes: this set of spatula's will help you out. The set contains as many as 12 spatula's, for different purposes. Find your favorites and start baking! 

The spatula's are all made of flexible stainless steel, which makes them easy to use. The PP handle is easy to hold. 

No Item No Item
U01 Straight spatula 5.9" U21 Narrow angled spatula 9.8"
U23 Straight spatula 7.9" U14 Wide angled spatula 11"
U05 Straight spatula 9.8" U24 Wide angled spatula 13.4"
U06 Straight spatula 11.8" U10 Wide angled spatula 8.7"
U07 Straight spatula 13.8" U13 Triangle spatula 5.1"
U08 Straight spatula 15.8" U15 Wide angled spatula 5.9"

Flex spatula 12 pc 1/2
Flex spatula 12 pc 2/2
Flex spatula packaging
Flex spatula

Flex spatula