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Afbeelding: PVD-flatware-care-instructions

Caring for your coloured cutlery

The cutlery you acquired is made of 18% (18/0) quality stainless steel and safe for contact with food. This colored-PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) cutlery features a thin titanium coating that offers a vibrant color. This cutlery is dishwasher proof when taking into account our instructions. For colored-PVD cutlery (gold/champagne/copper/black), our care instructions are a little different than for stainless steel cutlery, to help you to keep your cutlery as vivid in color as you bought it.

Care & use

Handwashing remains preferable and is advised to maintain the shine. Avoid scouring pads, bleach detergents and the use of sodium. Rinse food residue promptly or wash your cutlery directly after using, prolonged exposure to salts and food acids causes damage. Don’t leave your cutlery soaking. After washing, dry straightaway with a soft cloth.

Dishwashing is possible when taking into account the following instructions. When using the dishwasher, avoid aggressive detergents as these will damage your cutlery, use gentle detergents with a phosphate level below 3% and avoid sodium. We recommend to use dishwashing programs with a low temperature of 40ºC or less. Check if your dishwasher features an eco-friendly program, most of these programs offer a low temperature of 40ºC or less. Rinse food residue promptly before putting the pieces in the dishwasher, prolonged exposure to salts and food acids (e.g. mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard) causes damage. Do not wash your cutlery in contact with cutlery, knives or utensils of a lower steel quality as chemical reactions will mark the steel. Remove the pieces from the dishwasher when the cycle is finished and towel dry your cutlery to prevent spotting. Don’t leave your cutlery to cool. Remove any water spots with a soft cloth to keep its shine.

Carefully hand wash your cutlery before first use.