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Is my cutlery dishwasher safe?

The cutlery you buy from Amefa is dishwasher safe.
However, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • The preserve the brand new shiny look of your cutlery, we recommend to hand wash them, using the soft side of the sponge.
  • Abrasive detergents or sponges scratch steel.
  • In case of persistent stains or acidic food, rinse each piece with water.
  • Whenever possible, wipe each piece after dishwashing, especially knives and silverplated pieces.
  • When dishwashing, rinse each item with water before placing them in the basket, with blades down for the knives, especially for hollow handle knives. In order to avoid contact corrosion, stainless steel and silverplated items should not be placed in the same basket. Do not overuse cleaning products as they are corrosive. When the dishwashing cycle finishes, open the door to avoid condensation on the cutlery which could be the source of corrosion.
  • Knife blades, made out of 13% chromium (carbon steel) are less oxidation-resistant, but they are, of course, sharper.
  • Some coloured stains can appear but they can easily be removed with a special stainless steel cleaning product.

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