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more than 170 years of history




The story of French porcelain begins when a woman discovers soft, white clay that she uses to bleach her household linens. This substance will be identified as kaolin: the crucial, long-sought- after ingredient that is responsible for the durability and translucency of fine porcelain. The search for this “secret ingredient” had lasted four centuries since Marco Polo’s discovery of Chinese porcelain. The discovery of kaolin in France marked the birth of industrial and cultural significance of Limoges porcelain.


The consumer use of porcelain dinner services begins to grow. The factory « manufacture de Sauviat » located one hour from Limoges opens and produces high end, wood fired porcelain.


Giraud and Brousseau acquire the manufacture and creates the first shape Corail which still exists in the Médard de Noblat portfolio.


Georges Médard buys the manufacture, creates the brand Médard de Noblat and develops the brand globally. Mr Médard introduces the first isostactic press in Limoges that will ensure greater production output and enhanced product quality. He continues to modernise the production facilities and starts to work on building the brand awareness amongst consumers.


Amefa group acquires the company and reorganises the business model preserving the design and technical expertise. Creativity and passion for innovation continue to drive the company.




Afbeelding: couverture leaflet YAKA sept2013 bd

Huge success coming from the consumer, retailers and press for the launching of the new contemporary shape YAKA .

Afbeelding: obs_label15

The collection Yaka as a winner of star from the observeur of design (APCI international organisation) is exhibited in Paris in the “cite des sciences et de l’ industrie”.



Médard de Noblat brand continues to develop innovative products and to drive the brand presence around the world.