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Origin 13pc knife set

Origin 13 pc knife set

Origin: Everything you need in one kitchen knife set
The right knife gets the job done, that's common knowlegde. The knives from the Origin pattern are high quality professional chef knives. You'll find anything from a paring knife to a chef's knife or a Santoku knife. Everything you'll need in your kitchen you'll find in this Sabatier Trompette knife set.

The blade is made of high quality steel, with extra sharpening process for a better cutting edge. The ABS material used for the handle is dishwasher safe, and assures a nice grip. Choose your favorite knives, and enjoy a lifetime of great cooking!

No Item No Item
112 Paring knife 131 Chef's knife 10"
227 Boning knife 188 Ham/Salmon knife
161 Santoku knife 225 Sharpening steel
011 Carving knife 7" 114 Cook knife 6"
196 Carving knife 8" 180 Cook knife 12"
197 Carving fork 179 Carving knife 10"
132 Chef's knife 8"    

Origin knife set (1/2)
Origin knife set (1/2)
Origin knife set  (2/2)
Origin knife set (2/2)
Origin knife packaging
Origin knife packaging
Origin carving knife
Origin carving knife